Interview with Luxury Cotswold Rentals


When Maria Stengard-Green came to film me for her website Luxury Cotswold Rentals...

Before Christmas I was approached by Maria who asked if I would be willing to feature on her 'Made In The Cotswolds' section on her website - a collection of short videos of people, places and events in the Cotswolds. I do not like to have my photograph taken let alone be filmed so at first I was hesitant but I gave it some thought and felt I ought to do it - you've got to try everything once! 

Maria immediately put me at ease and was delightful, and we had great fun setting up props and discussing scenes in my little shed. It was a bit of a squeeze once she had set up all her lights and camera! Maria wanted to film each step of the candle making process, and then wanted me to talk about the history of the Cotswold Candle Company; what inspired me and what I hope to achieve in the future. 

I found it very difficult to try and sit naturally, not fidget, not stumble over my words or look nervous! Then disaster struck - the sound hadn't worked on the camera! I had to do the whole thing again! We got there in the end and Maria put it all together beautifully - she is very talented! It's so uncomfortable watching myself but I'm pleased with how it turned out and hopefully it helps give people a clearer understanding of who I am and what the Cotswold Candle Company is all about! 

Polly OswaldComment