December, the month of carols and joy, love and laughter and snow and song and candles!!  

Where would we be without candles at Christmas? The candle has become synonymous with Christmas and frankly, who doesn’t light candles around the house at Christmas time?

Legend has it that they were first used at Christmas time to signal that the warmth and sunlight of Spring was on its way and was in our reach!

At Advent, all around the world we light candles to signify the start of Advent and we adorn our churches and kitchen tables with advent wreaths to symbolize the arrival of Christmastide, sometimes known as the "Christ candle." It is also lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when it has neared its end and only a tiny slither remains. 

As Christmas approaches and the never-ending cycle of Carol Services and Nativity plays pan out, we light candles to sing Carols by candlelight and stand with Oranges in candlelit churches with our little ones for traditional Christingle services. 


At one time it was candles not lights that were used to adorn the Christmas tree until the invention of the electric light and they had all but gone come the 1930’s. 

By all accounts these beautiful sights of natural candle light are set to make a comeback on our Christmas trees, bathing our rooms with a soft radiance that can’t be described in words.


‘’A tree bathed in natural candlelight has a magical, commanding presence. It’s unforgettable. It’s transcendent. And it brings out the romantic in you.‘’

And if you read our earlier blog post you’ll see that candle light at Christmas is embodiment of hygge, the Danish notion of comfort and cosiness.

Have you tried our Christmas inspired candle – it’s Cinnamon, Orange and Clove encapsulates Christmas in every way with a spicy aromatic mixture of zingy citrus orange combined with warm cinnamon and clove.

Polly OswaldComment