Sounds, Scenes and Scents from RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show conjures images of a glamorous scene that is quintessentially British and each year the annual event exhibits hundreds of flowers and plants, showcasing blossoms, all with their own unique shapes, colours and aromas. At every turn you’re greeted by pretty and ethereal bursts of colour and a wondrous mix of floral scents. Many of the scents are familiar to those who adore fresh cut flowers or are keen gardeners. Some of the most distinct flora includes tall and beautiful lupins, and classic deep red roses.


The show is certainly a gardener’s paradise and an inspiring playground, characterised by the wonderful colours of summer. The event is sensory in every way, with sights, sounds and scents throughout, including Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge’s tranquil garden display. All around there are artistic nurseries; beautiful and calming sounds including trickling water, rustling leaves and waterfalls; and the many amazing textures of nature. All of which creates a fully immersive and relaxing experience. Both classic and tropical blooms feature heavily bringing an explosion of bright colours and sweet, honeysuckle scents.


Roses are prominent at the show every year and continue to be the classic, timeless and romantic choice in both scent and sentiment. Our own classic rose candlesmirror the distinct scent of freshly cut roses and are one of our favourite smells, making us think fondly of an English rose garden. Nostalgia often plays a large role in what makes a favourite scent - leaving us feeling comforted and thinking of happy memories. If you also enjoy classical blooms you may love our lavender candleswhich combine a traditional calming scent with enchanting garden memories. If you love the peppery scent of lupins, as many enjoyed at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, another choice may be our black pepper and amber candle, with masculine, woody notes, which reminds us of walking through forests and strolling through glades.


All of our scents aim to offer a truly immersive, relaxing and comforting experience. And perhaps after a long day you may like to light a candle to relax and continue enjoying the scent of your own garden, long after the sun goes down.



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