Introducing Cotswold Candle Company


Starting out

“The earliest scented candles were from India and were composed of cinnamon”.

This fact was unbeknownst to me when I set out on my candle venture, but ironically the first scented candle I took to market was my signature Cinnamon, Orange & Clove candle, and it seemed to be a winner!!

So how did it start? A lot of people have asked to know the story and the face behind the Cotswold Candle Company so it seems fitting that my first blog is about introducing myself.

So this is me! Polly Oswald, aged 38. I live in the heart of the Cotswolds with my husband Alex, and our three children – Molly (8), Martha (6) and Archie (2). And our two dogs – Bella and Pip!

Juggling a family and work

Life in our house is busy, loud, sometimes chaotic, but a lot of fun! In between what seems like endless school runs, after school activities, dog walking duties, housework and my other job (I work as a virtual PA to the world renowned astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel), I somehow have managed to find time to turn my hobby of candle making into a small business. 

“A candle maker is traditionally known as a chandler”

Molly, Martha & Archie.

So I guess that’s what I am now! And I am so lucky that a hobby that I adore has become a business venture. 

How did it all begin? I have always had a love, no let’s be honest, an obsession, with scented candles! I dread to think of how much money I have spent on my favourite luxury brands. One day I was reading an article about a lady who started making her own candles at home and I had my lightbulb moment! I can do that, I want to do that – I thought! Surely it can’t be that hard? And so it began. Slowly at first, buying small starter kits, different waxes, wicks and fragrances. And I tested, tested, tested. Oh my goodness it was frustrating! Either the wick didn’t burn properly, or the candle didn’t smell of anything when lit, or it just looked rubbish. 

Finding the right balance

I honestly gave up at one point, around the time my son was born two and a half years ago. It just wasn’t working and I felt like I was throwing cash down the drain. But I decided not to give up, and had done some research about an Australian company that were making scented candles with wooden wicks. So I gave it a go, and after a lot more testing (who knew that candle making was such a science!), I eventually had my eureka moment and produced a candle that did what I wanted it to – smell incredible. 

“Candle industry research findings indicate that the most important factor affecting candle sales is fragrance, with colour and shape taking a distant second, in the consumer selection of a candle for the home.”

Hand pouring the wax to create the Cotswold Candle.

And that was exactly my aim. To make a candle with an amazing scent throw, to rival the candles that I had previously spent so much money on. But I wanted to enter the market at a price that was accessible to other people that didn’t want to spend a fortune, but still wanted a luxury candle with a fabulous fragrance. 

Promoting my candles

I launched my website in February, and am working on gaining a good social media presence, and have been blown away by the positive comments and reviews by family, friend and complete strangers. 

Cotswold Candle and box.

I am working on new fragrances, alongside some other exciting projects, and trying to come up with some original ideas in a rather saturated candle market!

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